About us

Haven Green Capital Partners is the world’s first multi boutique structure focused solely on managers with sustainability and impact at the heart of their investment process.

We connect conscientious stewards of capital with the world’s best and most impactful sustainable investment solutions. By doing so, we introduce fund buyers to attractive long-term return potential and drive positive change for the world.

ESG strategies

Haven Green Capital Partners forms long-term partnerships with a select group of high-quality sustainable investment managers. Our investment managers’ portfolio of strategies provides a comprehensive and complementary product range suitable for institutional and intermediary investors.

All our managers’ investment strategies have a combination of strong ESG and / or impact credentials. Capacity is typically limited for each product and all strategies are managed by investor-owned boutiqueswith, thus far, no or little presence, visibility or product availability in Europe.

Our ESG principles

Sustainable and ethical values are increasingly reflected in the way assets are managed – as a result we will only align with investment managers that acknowledge at least one element of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) openly and strongly in their proposition. We believe that explicit recognition of these factors will deliver better long-term outcomes for investors, as well as delivering positive change for the planet.

It is therefore imperative that our ESG principles provide alignment between investors and investment managers, and with the broader objectives of society.

Haven Green Capital Partners:

  • works with investment managers who incorporate ESG issues into investment analysis and their decision-making process.
  • views ESG as integral to its policies and practices, and to those of any partner investment managers.
  • seeks appropriate disclosure on ESG issues from all investment managers in order to avoid ‘green-washing’ products.
  • promotes acceptance and implementation of strong ESG principles within the investment industry.